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The composition of the basic set:

Basic set of EMS equipment "10 IKS"
Transmitter - 1 piece
Receiver - 2 pieces
Control device - 1 piece
Suit for training - 2 pieces
(suits size for your choice for these options: S, M, L, XL, XXL)
The basic kit allows you to train two people at the same time
Warranty period - 2 years
Quick start in EMS fitness
The basic kit allows you to safely start in the EMS fitness business. We recommend purchasing one more suit size, but this is not necessary. Suits are adjustable and quite often they can be adapted to a neighboring size.

EMS training equipment price

The cost of EMS equipment is "10 IKS".
EMS equipment prices in euros are for information only.
Payment in national currency.
The price of EMS equipment is subject to change without notice. Please check the current price by phone or by sending a request.
4190 €
Pre-order (delivery time 1-2 months)
4690 €
From a warehouse in Ukraine

Cost of additional EMS equipment:

This equipment works only with the basic set and is not functional without it.
Purchased so that you have more suits of different sizes
Additional suit
Allows you to train one more person at the same time
Optional suit with receiver
Charge receiver and transmitter batteries
Charger (spare)
For receivers and transmitter
Battery (spare)
For suits
Cable (spare)

Buy EMS equipment

If you decide to buy EMS fitness equipment, then send a request. We will contact you to answer all your questions.
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